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CrossFit Gorizia is the first official Box in the province of Gorizia. There is only one way to really understand the CrossFit: try it .


10 physical abilities of CrossFit: stamina strength power speed flexibility agility endurance balance accuracy coordination

Cos'è il CrossFit?

What is the CrossFit?

CrossFit is a real sport as well as the main program of the development of strength and physical conditioning adopted by many police academies, police special forces, army special forces, martial arts champions and Hundreds of other types of elite athletes worldwide .

A new form of fitness

CrossFit offers a form of "Fitness" that is, by definition, large, general and comprehensive. The specialization of CrossFit is not in specialization. The routine is our worst enemy, because in every aspect of survival, evolution, and many of the combat sport, the repetitiveness and lack of adaptability are always penalized.

Una nuova forma di fitness